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Feb 9, 2013

Donation and Health

January 6, 2013 - Another rainy day here in Compostela Valley... Today is the day that we are going to distribute the collected money for the people who got stroked by the calamity. Instead of good reliefs we decided to give them cash to buy vegetables and other needs they need at home. Since there are so many relief goods given by other foundations. 

Chaos's chickenpox is getting worse and more...poor little one after drinking his medicine he is back to normal. Sometimes he can't understand the itchiness it carries.

Can't wait to be in Gensan to be seen by a Pedia for his itchy. His Filipino dialect is getting better every day. Adapt some of the words and even used them towards us. He uses the words as much as he can.

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I think it's great that you helping those in need with fresh foods. and glad to hear your son is on the mend. :)

I think that is just great, people need the necessities like food and other things. I am sharing this one I think its just Great!!

As far as the itching you can put 2 cups of rolled oats in a old nylon and run a bath allowing the the nylon sack of oats to soak in the tub while water is running. Then let him sit in the tub and play. I would pour some over his shoulders and stuff. So all the spots can be hopefully soothed. Everyone is different it may or may not work. Worth a try though :) just some oatmeal

Good luck hope he feels better soon!

That is great that you are helping those in need. We need more people in our world like you!

I sure hope the little guy gets better! Having the chicken pox is no fun.

I hope your little man will feel better soon. and God bless you more for helping the people in need.:)

I am sorry he has the Chicken Pox, I do not remember them but know they are horrible. Love that you are able to teach him two languages, that is great. Nice of you through all of this to remember to help others.

:( I have never had the chicken pox. I hope your son gets better soon.

Oh, chicken pox is not fun at all! :( That is so cute that he is learning our language...

That's really nice of you to share your blessings Novs ... I remember that day. God bless the victims of that calamity.

Chickenpox is awful, I had them when I was a kid.

3 of my kids had chicken pox already and it was awful, they wanted to scratch it so bad. I wish that AJ won't get it, since she had her vaccination when she turned 1.

Liza Barnett

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