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Jan 22, 2013

Teaching Good Ways

During chores at home is really a good way about teaching our kids about the things they can do and help when they are old enough to learn. However, the question is when is the right time and age for a certain kid to think about household chores? I haven't researched about the fact, but according to those who had experienced, we should teach our kids as young as possible. Through those years, it will be easier for them to develop the sense of responsibilities. 

However, we shouldn't overdue everything since we all want to let our kids be kids and enjoy their childhood as much as possible. So teaching them one at a time would be a great way for them to absorb the chores they should do at home. Just like this one here.

He took the broom and started to sweep the outside ground without him telling to do it. He probably sees me and my sister and other members of the family who have done this same task without being told. I'm guessing, my son is doing what he sees from the adults that surrounds him.

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That's so nice and sweet. We, adults, set good examples to our kids and the younger generation. What we do and say can be absorbed greatly by curious minds like your little one now.

It's good he's giving his share in the household chores and do encourage that while balancing it with his play time and all. It's not bad to let him do small tasks at home to teach him how to be a responsible kid.

Keep it up! You're actually doing your son (and later on, yourself) a big favor by making him a well-rounded kid. :)


He will have his family one day and will pass on the same good values you have instilled to his young ones. You've just created a generation of responsible people :)

I agree with Ria, the ways that our kids learn starts at home so if we set good example to our kids, they will do great as individuals.

Our kids are our best imitators. They usually do things that they sees in us. Teaching them as early as possible is indeed a good way to mold them to be a responsible individual when they grow up.

Your little boy seems to be a responsible young man. Congrats to you Mommy :)

I am with you, teaching household chores to our kids is important while they're still young.

My take: as soon as your child is able to hold the broom or the duster or the wipes and he/she expresses interest to do it-- thgat's the right time to start teaching them the way!

i agree with the rest here, our kids usually if not always follow what they see from us. my kids always think they are great helper, they always tell me that they are a great helper...i let them do few stuff they like especially when they volunteer, its fun for them too. :)

Whah.. yesterday lang, my apo had asked me if 'pwede siyang tumulong sa akin na mag-sweep ng dried leaves sa lawn namin. So, Lolo taught his sweet apo how to hold the walis and make proper sweeping. Ayun, this morning, nagwalis a naman kami. In a month time, baka pwede na kaming mag-apply as Metro Aide.. LOL

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