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Jan 25, 2013

Horseback Riding with Cousin

Cousins are fun to hang out with. They are our first playmate once we are able to have fun. We have best cousins that will always be there for us no matter what.

As we grew older, there are certain changes in the priorities of each life. We tend to leave the place we used to stay and move into a different one. The closeness with each other have also lessened, and for that we don’t share the same stories like we used to.

I am so blissful with my childhood days together with my cousins. Since we have the most amazing imaginative days. The laughter we shared as well as the adventures we conquer is something a child would always want to have. I am thankful that we live in a compound where I am a neighbor away from them, as we have the easiest way to reach out with each other.

It would be a great occurrence for me to let my son feel the happiness and complete childhood days I had. And I do hope that someday, he will be while they were still young.

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I have had some great times with my cousins!

Yes, I remember my cousins well from my childhood days-now that we are all adults--well what can I say--distance does not help!

I think it is great to be close to your cousins.

That is awesome, looks like they are having fun. Family is so important.

my kids loves horse riding or as my kids call it piggy back ride.:) it brings giggles.

Honestly my cousins are much younger than me. I had lots of fun with them doing their hair and dressing them up :)

I'm not very close to my cousins but I missed our times together! I'm glad my kids are close to their cousins.

How sweet of his cousin to play with him!

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