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Jan 15, 2013

Dinner at Nadies

We all seated in one of the well-known fast food in Gensan named Nadies. It is famous due to the Grilled Chicken and the broth they serve for their eaters. The whole family decided to eat dinner after a family pictorial that same night. We all decided to update our old one after a very long time. It is also a good thing to do the family update for we are all gathered because of the incoming holidays. It was a long night for everyone, chaotic yet unforgettable experience. 

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Glad you liked the dinner and the bonding too. Relaxation with family members is of great value for living peacefully.

Grilled chicken is one of my favorites. Nice family bonding!

Sounds familiar with me, but am not sure, actually I'm from in Gensan

That sounds like a good idea - updating the family photo. And there's no better time to do it when every family member is present.

Never been to Nadie's before. I hope you can share with us some photos and price info, too.

i miss chicken inasal, or grilled chicken, it tastes really different there :) glad you had fun bonding moment with your fam, Novs

Family bonding time is the best time for me. Filipinos are clannish and it is not unusual to see 10-15 family members (or more) in a restaurant. Nadie's looks like a good place, and although I would want to experience dining there, it would not be possible at this time because I would need to book a flight to GenSan to get there. Haha. Anyway, I hope you had a good time and a happy belly too.

what a great way to bond with the I miss a good filipino food!

chaotic yet unforgettable :) that always describes our family gatherings too but always we end up saving so many precious memories..eating out with the ones we love is also the best! hmmm thinking of chicken now and the broth they serve at the resto you went to! :)

Awww! Those memories will always linger forever Mommy N. I am glad that you enjoyed your dinner with family and friends in that famous restaurant in GenSan :-)

I didn't know na merong Nadies sa GenSan. I thought sa Tupi lang meron nyan. lol! I just haven't explored GenSan the last time I went home. :)

Family bonding is always the best thing to do especially during the holiday season.

Ah! Nadies! A fellow General perfectly knows that place and how the food taste like. chicken BBQ, anyone???

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