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Dec 17, 2012

Weight loss diets

I bet with my younger brother earlier this year to lose weight and be back to my normal weigh range base on my age and height. I procrastinate and wasted many months to lose the excess weights. Now, I am frustrated because the day is getting closer for us to meet again. Yet I haven’t been able to reach the goal that I have to accomplish. It is also hard to control from eating a lot of foods lately because of the successive parties due to Holidays. I know I should not blame it to the foods, instead to my poor self-control. I need to find a way.

I have heard and seen few of weight lose programs and little of them scare me. I want to try a weight loss diets that would not harm my health. I want a diet that would make me enjoy doing it and will keep losing at the same time. Therefore, I have to research and look for a better one. And since I am not a person who loves to exercise, I must look for some alternative diets that doesn't requires a lot of work out. The browsing is still going on.

I am not sure if whether or not I will find the best weights lose diets for me. It might take a while for me to find new diet that suits me nevertheless, as of now; I should maintain and have a strong self control in order to reach my goals.

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