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Dec 2, 2012

Review of Zoobies Blanket Pets

It is pretty nice to acquire your child a nice buddy whenever he goes. For getting him a real one would source you too much, plus on his young age he might not be able to take good care of the pet. Too much responsibility for such a very young age is very hard to handle. Someday when they need are older enough to learn and understand about life's responsibility. But not for now, they can be just kids who don't responsibility in life.

So getting him something that isn't real might be a great idea. For instance, the Zoobies blanket pet, it's a combination of a cozy blanket, pillow on the go and a buddy all in one. It would keep my son busy especially if  we travel in a faraway place. is where you can find what you are looking for, they have a wide variety of animal pets you can choose. I got Wyatt the Wolf for my son for he doesn't have a wolf buddy pet yet.

The texture of the product is very smooth, my son love it because it is gentle on his skin, and even myself love the softness of the fabric. The wide blanket could cover my son whenever he feels like covering up. A pillow when he needed one during his nap time, and he sleeps with his buddy beside him. What a clever invention.

So, if you would like to give your children a nice gift this coming Christmas, why not one of Zoobie's product? I never regret of choosing Zoobies’ Blanket Pets. And I see that my son enjoys the one I got for him.

If you would like to know more about what’s up coming on Zoobies, follow them and “like” them on  Facebook, from there you will also read about the reviews from the satisfied customers. You will also avail the 20% off discount if you would like to purchase, just simply type PARENTHOOD as the promo code at the checkout and you are all set.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I received the item for free in exchanges of my truthful review. The outlook being expressed is a 100% exclusively mine

12 freaking comments:

Can't help but browsing some more items on their site. Thinking about getting my son the Poco the pup because he loves dogs so much. This would be perfect for long trips.

Wow! I haven't seen anything like this available locally. Looks like a perfect fluffy bedmate for the kiddos! :)

This Zoobie blanket is such a hit! If it's available here in Dubai, I would have bought some as gifts during Christmas. I want one too because it's so adorable!

I agree with Ria, in-na-in ang Zoobie blanket. I have seen friends kids na mayroon nito. Hope mabilhan ko rin ang apo ko.

My son love his poco the pup, it's his buddy when taking naps after school.

My daughter loves this kind of blanket.

My younger son would really love that. I just wish it's available here.

I will definitely check their website out.. I plan on getting these blankets for the kids.. It will be perfect for our international travel here soon.. Sana lang makaya ng ipon ko kase as much as possible, ayokong humingi sa asawa ko sa bagay na to.. Gusto ko, sa akin galing ang pambili.. =)

that would be a great alternative to a pet, a pet blanket, Nova, hopefully, it will also help kids develop responsibility to take care of real pets as they grow older and become more mature. they look very entertaining for kids.

oh zoobies! I love the quality of their product..thanks mami!

I am a Zoobie fan! This is the only company that made me so desperate to work on lowering my Alexa just so I could get to review their product! LOL. I am happy to do so kasi gustong-gusto ng mga kiddos ko.

My children will surely love these. Imagine having a pet buddy warming them through the night. That would surely make them very excited to go to sleep.

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