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Dec 5, 2012

Product Review: Newmans’ Own Organics and Giveaway

Honestly, I haven't try the Newman's Own Organic products before. I have only seen this products in the supermarket. I never thought of liking it, when I tried the first snack.

What interest me to do the reviews is to know and try the difference of an organic snack. I worry for myself and my family if we ate snack that don't have the right source of ingredients. I am glad that Newman's Own Organic has given me the chance to try their merchandise.

I picked out some of my favorites, and they are the cookies, chocolates and the sour mango Licorice. I am happy and satisfied with the taste. It is so good. Why didn't I buy this before? I love the flavor of each snacks and I won't worry for I know it contains healthy ingredients. It is one prove that NOO is good, for son enjoy munching the snacks. 

You might be confusing between Newman’s Own and Newman’s Own Organic products. Don’t, for NOO is a division company of Newman’s Own and they separate in 1993. Both companies has different lines of products.

 * The Splet Pretzel that I never had before is really good. Perfect amount of crunch and not too salty. This is one awesome pretzel, a good for those who loves pretzel.

* The Chocolate Cookies and Alphabet Cookies are amazing, not very sweet chocolate, the taste is right for myself and my son.

* The Licorice is very delicious, I like the natural Licorice Root Extract in the ingredients and instead of flavoring, you can actually taste the root itself. Very tasty and I enjoy the good licorice with different  flavors which contains low-fat calories.

 * Ginger and Wintergreen mints, just the right kind in taste and flavoring. You will enjoy the taste of refreshment.

* The Chocolate bars, and cups taste great; you will definitely enjoy the taste of organic products. Very good and healthy too. I like natural flavor so Newman's Own Organic products is just what I need.

If you want to learn more about Newman's Own Organic products. Join the fan page of Newman's Own Organic on Facebook and see more of the products they carry.

I would like my followers to experience the same way as I do. I am conducting a giveaway of Newman’s Own Organic Products, of course with the help of my Sponsor. Plus you will also get a surprise from them. The Giveaway will only be available within US, for they aren't available outside the country.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I received the item for free in exchanges of my truthful review. The outlook being expressed is a 100% exclusively mine

66 freaking comments:

NOO is very generous and they're easy to communicate. I love their products as well.

I love their chocolatessssssssssssssssssssssssss very delish to munch :-)

I love the pretzels!

I love their chocolate mint cookies. So awesome!

thank you for joining Bless

me toooooooooooooo... i can't resist to eat them

perfect right?

oh yeah...i did enjoy my tasting

Nice giveaway! I want to try that flavored licorice. I don't like the plain ones. They taste weird :)

I love their products, not fond of the licorice but the rest I love!

I like their pretzels, and cream cookie.

hmmmmmm sounds yummy and healthy too! I would love to taste them all :D love the smiles of your cute little model :)

oh, I love their products, they's so generous!

Never heard about this product before, thanks for the nice review and giveaway. BTW anything organic is healthy .

Agree ako kay Papaleng :) Kami, we switced to organic snacks for the kids.. Mas healthy kase at mas maganda sa mga bata.. At lalo na sa atin :)

I can see that you're really enjoying this stuff. Hey! Have fun on your trip. :)

I'm on organic diet now. I hope they have that in Europe.

NOO is so good! so generous :D I love their peanut butter cups!

Dried apricots.

Indeed, anything organic is healthy. A bit pricey nga lang.

wow ang dami... ang hehealthy pa... hope they'd have these snacks available in pinas... it'd be great to even just taste em.. :)


WOW, these look yummy! My mom is all into organic stuff lately. I need to ask my relatives abroad to get us some!

Yay! I hope to win Mommy Nova. :)

Never try the product yet. I keep it in mind for next shopping.

These products look quite tempting to eat and since they are considered organic products, good health can also be maintained.

sounds like it is a good product,hope its available here in Bkk, so we can try! :)

Revisiting, may natira pa bang chocolate?

My favorite is their pretzel rods!

Coming back here for FBF's Comex. I bet ubos na yan.

People are indeed going back to organic products to be healthy, this is a good sign :)


have not tried them yet, will pay attention to the name so i can grab a few next time i see it in the store.

Oh how I like the chocolate cookies hehhe miss this one already...My kids will love it. I am joining my dear...

I love eating organic food simply because of its healthy features.

I hope we would be able to buy that products here in PH...

It Looks like you really like it, now I am thrilled to taste it too.

Actually, I love all their products ... HERMITS and fig are my favorite. Hubby ate it all waaaa ... I want to win ...

No way, why aren't they available in the Philippines? sigh! wahhhh!!!

I came back and re-tweet :-)

I wanna try their chocolates! am sure they are good!

mmmm... yummy! i love their chocolates coz its not so sweet and not sugary like the other products.

joined :D good luck to all heheheheh

I don't know. I haven't tasted their products yet. Thanks for the giveaway!

back here. :) goodluck to all entries! :)

came by to tweet the giveaway :-)

hindi ko pa naman matitikman man yan, so the best I can do is to G+, FB like and Tweet na lang this post. :)

joined!, i love cookies and pretzels.

For the third time, I am here for FBF's Comex.Will RT this post as well. Goodluck to all the participants.

I run out of NOO goodies so I decided to join weeee..

Uy, I haven't tried any of those Newman's Own Organic stuff yet. I would like to try even one product but they don't sell that thing here in Dubai. Also, much as I want to enter your giveaway, I'm not from the US... buhuhuhu :( Next time I visit the US, I'll scour the supermarkets and check if I can buy some of the NOO products you posted above.

Coming back here for FBF Comex.

Good Luck sa giveaway sis. :)

I love NOO! Their sweets are not too bad for my health considering that I am not a sweet tooth at all! I'd love to join but I already won in the past so give chance to others nalang. :)

Just joined the giveaway. I love Newman's Own Organic! I love their cookies, fig bars, and licorice. I hope to have more Newman's products for free.

Just wishing everyone who will join good luck!

those are awesomely looking/tasty snacks. i just hope they have it for sale here in pinas... i love specially the licorice.. :)


good luck sa winner...noo is really a good product...they offer tons of organic foods.

Haven't tried any of the products myself. But yes, organic equates to healthy nowadays. I might as well try them when I find them.

came by to retweet the giveaway :-)

Back here and wishing I could taste them all....the thought of chocolates is making me hungry here :) anything organic and healthy is the best for me too! I wish I could join a giveaway for some of these oh so yummy treats!

wishing you a beautiful Christmas ... came by to retweet the giveaway :-)

I love their products nov. The Ginger soft cookies.. YUM!!

Suki na akong ng post na ito. Hindi ako magsasawa kung may organic product ka na at the sma time may giveaway pa.

I hope they would give us another opportunity to work with them next time..

Sad that we do not have that brand here in Sweden. Hopefully it reaches us soon so we can also taste the yumminess you've been treating yourself with.

By the way, I don't like licorice at all.

happy new year!

i've heard alot about their healthy goodies, but haven't got the chance to try em out.

hopefully meron giveaway na kasali pinas hehe.


I like their popcorn

Sour Mango Licorice was my Favorite!!

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