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Dec 11, 2012

Playing puzzle with BFF

This was one of their activities while I was still babysitting my friend’s son. They like to do the puzzle a lot. I was even surprised when I have really noticed that both didn't bicker at all. They get along pretty good, so I took a quick snapped for this day. Both shared the puzzle and they do it one at a time.

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So nice when you get a quiet time from the kids

i love putting puzzles together

that's a very sweet picture of two of them, puzzles are a great way indeed to keep the kids busy and stimulate their analytical minds

When I was a kid, I also enjoyed playing puzzle. It does not only keep me entertained but also enhanced my mind when it comes to analyzing and solving the puzzles.

I love puzzles, my youngest and I did one earlier. They look so cute working on theirs, glad it is a non-bicker time!

its nice to see kids playing like this! and not mad each other at all! its nice to see they get along very well!

That's a cool game. It will help them enhance their cognitive skills.

They have the same interest which is really good.

Puzzles are good for kids. It helps build mental skills.

So nice to see kids playing educational stuffs hindi yung puro video games na lang. Me, Sudoku ang alam ko.

Nakakatuwa yung mga ganitong scene. Sana hanggang paglaki nila, mga educational games and toys ang gusto nila.

It's good to see that they enjoyed the same thing together. I also love puzzles even now.

they look so cute playing...I could almost hear their giggles :)

That's good they enjoy puzzles. My son loves that game too!

I wish you live closeby, my son needs a buddy hehehe

Good thing they forgot all about Ipads and other gadgets :)

It is nice to hear and see two young children playing together nicely and sharing!!

cute photo. My son loves puzzles too and just get lost in it for hours.

Great that kids can play together like this. Puzzles are good.

My daughter is really great with puzzles, she even likes doing it under time pressure and she is just 5 years old, amazing! Kids nowadays are really smart!

Looking that our little one will be playing something like this. Though others said I will be missing it when she's still very small.

wow, that's great that they are getting along so well. nice that they both enjoyed playing puzzles, its really good for them. :) my kids loves puzzles too. :)

The kids are so brilliant! Ganda ng activities nila.

That is really nice. They are behaving while you have other things to do.

This just reminds me of my sister when she was 4 years old, she was really into jigsaw puzzles.

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