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Dec 5, 2012

Couldn't decide

This is one of those random days that my son could not decide on whether to eat his snacks or not. Whenever I gave him unusual food, it takes him a while to eat them. Like these one here, I gave him some grapes and I was thinking that since he ate our planted grape at the backyard, he will start eating other kinds. I was wrong.

He still sits there, playing. I cannot force him if he doesn't like to eat the grapes. In order for the kid to eat the foods we eat, is to simply introduce it to them and don't force. All we can do is tell them that eating the good foods makes them stronger and healthier.

I was still waiting for him to eat at least one grape, he never did. It seems like he is more interested on playing with it. I am not sure to why isn't he a fan of a grapes, yet he loves raisins. 

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Interesting--maybe it was the color of the grapes? What color are in your backyard? Sometimes just the different look to something will stop a child in their tracks from even attempting to taste it!

My child has sensory issues so I know the feeling. Good for you for trying to get him to try the new foods

When I encourage my kids to eat something new, I eat it with them. This ensures them that it is okay and that we like it too. My son is not very fond of Filipino foods which is the contrary to my daughter hehehe.

Kids are picky not all of them but most are- I am fortunate that my kids are very much into eating fresh fruits such as apple, grapes, oranges, pineapple and bananas! Time will come that your son will like the grapes, too! :)

I never force my kids to eat anything, we do however show them how much we like something that they have not had in hopes to get them to try it. Wat a good mama for letting him decide and think about it. He is a cutie.

I haven't really had many issues with my kids being picky eaters. My son will not eat any peanut products (because I am allergic he is afraid he may be too). It is interesting how your son will eat the grapes you grow but not other ones.

Toddlers are like that sometimes. Sometimes they get bored on the food we routinely give to them.

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