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Dec 29, 2012

Brownie Brittle Review

I am a fan of brittle since I was a little girl. My favorite was the peanut brittle for that is the only one I've known that time. As time goes by, there are plenty of other mixtures that has been made since. As I don't see any other kind of flavor to try, I got the urge to search for I would really want to try a different kind. I didn't know where to check so I search in the stores nearby if they carry a merchandise of brittle. I don't see any.

I am thankful for other bloggers I often visits, I have found this product in one of their reviews. I never hesitated to write them and ask if I could try their product in the exchange of my honest review. After an exchange e-mails, I am very interested for the products in the mail.

This is the first one I've tried, I love the flavors for this is very tasty, can actually taste the flavor
of the ingredients in this mixture, the cookie is pretty amazing...

I love the walnuts added in this flavor... I love to munched peanuts so this one is perfectly great for me...

Lastly, the chocolate chip still saves the last taste and the flavor is perfect. I enjoyed the chocolate chips in it...a healthy great snacks for myself and my family...

If you would like to learn more about the company's merchandise, you can visit them through

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I received the item for free in exchange of my truthful review. The outlook being expressed is 100% exclusively mine.

16 freaking comments:

Haven't tried mine yet, I think this would be great to munch on tonight while waiting for the ball to drop.. Happy New year!

I do't know if available ito sa local market. But if ever, type ko yung Traditional Walnut one.

I too want to taste that brownie brittle pack of yours. May I?

I love peanut brittle just like you and brownies, I bake them a lot at home for my own consumption... the combo of these two --- I so want to try!

Happy happy new year!

The only type of brittle I have tried is the local peanut brittle. The brownie brittle with walnut is especially tempting.

I love brownies! Wish I could also have a taste of it. :D

When somebody mentions "brittle," the only thing that comes to mind is peanut brittle from Baguio. That's the only brittle I know, unfortunately. Interesting to know that there are a lot of other brittles out there.

I like peanut brittle too. I buy the Old Dominion brand since it is the only familiar brand to me. I am not familiar with this brand, but ould love to try it if I can find it in the grocery store. I am curioud on how they make it..hopefully, not too much butter.

Now I can say that it is soooo good! This served as the firework in our mouth last night lol.

hmmmmm sounds and looks yummy...I would love to taste it myself! Chocolate chips are always a hit in our family...wish I could find one like it here and eat it now! hehe, happy day to you! :D

Peanut Brittle, yes marami yabn sa Baguio, all I don't know if mas masarap yun kaysa dito.

They're really good mami right? I like to add mine on top of ice cream...sweet treats!

The cookie looks delish Momi Nova :-) I would love to try that flavor especially :-) What a perfect snack to munch :-)

Not a sweet tooth here but I do indulge on sweet treats sometimes. Sounds like thiwkind of brownie is a yummy one!

They all sound delicious to me. I also fell in-love with peanut brittle the first I tasted it. So I bet I'm gonna love these too. Hope they can sample outside US too.

i used to love brittles! but since i turned 30, i stop eating because my teeth are starting to soften. but i sure miss munching one.

They sound delicious! I have seen this product in Universal Orlando shops. Very tempting! Lol

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