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Nov 24, 2012

Young Robin

Late yet, I still want to share my son's Halloween Customs of this year 2012. This is the last minute decision outfit. 

Funny to know when we went to Kmart to look for cheaper. I am cheap to be honest, esp when it comes to kids clothes. As most mother who thinks that kids do grew up like a weed. 

Therefore, if I get a thing/clothes that is cheaper, I will go for that instead of those branded names. I am more into quality and not by brand names. 

Furthermore, our son is one of a Teen Titans member. He is supposedly the Young Robin, it is hard to make him wear the mask for some kids don't like to cover their eyes, as it makes them uncomfortable. 

It was taken a day before Halloween, make sure the custom will fit him and it did. The last size of his in the store too. So, I guess this is meant for him then. He poised for us by our kitchen wall and he actually participate before goofing around.

20 freaking comments:

Young Robin.., handsome little boy you have there!

i agree, kids grow up way too fast. i even shop at thrift stores for kiddie clothes. :)

you're right there sis, kids do grow so fast the next day you notice those clothes are not fitted anymore. as for my Destiny i rarely buy him clothes because he is getting bigger each day.

He is so handsome and his smile is so cute.

Oh, he is such a cutie little Robin. I bet, no other Robin will be as cute as your kiddo! What will he be next Halloween? He should try Batman! ;)

He is so cute, he reminds me of my son who wore the same costume a couple of years ago.

I love the way you said: "You are cheap". LOL!

You do have a handsome son, Novz. How time flies so quick. Daw buntis pa man lang ka sa una. hehe!

How cute you have there...I like his outfit-I agree with you being cheap especially for kids stuff is one way to save some bucks.

Your kiddo looks sooo cute! :)

I'm with you with kids growing as fast as weeds! I find it a waste of money having to buy them several clothes, then they end up just wearing them once or twice.

hang cute naman ni little robin! :D

Hello young Robin, you are such a cutie, how old are you young Robin? Oh btw that costume looks good on you, even your eyes were covered, I could still see the charm on your eyes.

I too am noticing that time flies so quickly nowadays. My apo (Pakoy) was dressed in an Spiderman outfit on her 2nd Birthday, good Lord, last October lang, pinasuot namin sa kanya. hayz para na siyang suman. It only shows lang na kids are getting the proper nutrition. BTW ang cute ni Robin mo.

Me too. Quality is much more important than any brands! :)

That Robin costume is so cute on him. ♥

oh i got mine for free. hehehe... anyway ur little angel is so cute with his costume.

i am same as yours, i don't go for brand but quality. :) anyway, your boy looks so handsome in his young robin costume, i bet he enjoyed wearing it. :)

he is very very cute...such a charming Robin

Awww,a very cute version of Robin!
I agree with you that kids grow like weeds,so true! That's the reason why I don't invest more on their clothings,lol! I am not into branded clothes too,I am always after the comfort.

He's the first kid I saw na Robin ang costume! It's never too late to share you son's cuteness!

Very cute! I love his smile!

wee...cute little robin!
..same with you, i dont buy branded clothes sa baby ko..unless it is 50% off..sometimes i justbought her clothes from Ukay..

Thank you all for the comments....

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