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Nov 30, 2012

Definitely need some ink

I always wanted to save money whenever I can, so I need to find ways into where I should get links, coupons or discount website in order to use them. One thing I will need soon is a refill of our HP printer. So, I have to look for a Hp toner that would be a replacement for the old toner we have.

I kept searching online, in stores but I do find it very expensive. We also need to make sure we have enough toner so when it’s time for us to print all the documents needed for mortgage application; we would not run out of toner.

We all know that toners aren’t cheap, I have experienced about using toner too when I was still working in Philippines. The printer we used at VP Academics office is the HP 2600n; it was pretty quick for me to get a replacement because we always have one extra, just in case we get run out of the ones we are using. I love the quality of HP too, smooth, you can adjust the preferences of the printer.

That’s why; we bought HP for our printer for the reason that I just love the quality it gives us. I am glad for I have found a website where I can buy a toner that is not very costly. No need for me to go to the store, just simply click and wait the product in mail.

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we bought our printer inks online and we have a box full of them. it's good to have a back up ink in your cabinet when need it.

i used to buy my ink online which i find cheaper than the store. now we have a new printer that i got from walmart, i dont know where to buy the ink online coz its different. i guess i have to go to walmart to find them.

that's really true mel, we don't know whenever that use ink will last us

oh no...that's one thing we have to double check sis, the options on where we can get the inks cheaper...hope you'll get one that is cheaper

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