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Nov 13, 2012

Morningside Recovery

I feel lucky that I have an awesome life and family even though I belong to a middle class. I know there is nothing wrong at all to be in the middle class person. I am happy to buy the things I needed, some things I wanted and share it with my family. I am thankful as well that I have a great family while growing up. I know that I do rebel, or mostly teenagers do during adolescent stage, nevertheless I am overwhelmed of my parent’s patience and love for me and for my siblings. For without those sacrifices they did, I would not be able to be where I am now and what I have in my life that I do cherished and thankful for.

Others were just not as lucky as I am when it comes to close family ties. And because of lack of supervision, at the early age, we have confusion when it comes to decision making. That is why, an advice from someone who is close to that person is a must. There were others who think that by taking more medication than what was recommended is the solution to the problems they encounter. It might be for a day or two; however it will never go away unless you solve the issue. Now while taking prescription that is more than the dosage of what’s suggested, they became addicted and as time goes by they could not escape the compulsion.

Yet they are still lucky in spite of what they have been through, for there is an establishment who works to help those people in need. Those people who used more amount of prescription, or illegal drugs, who wishes to get out of that dark path and renew life. Morningside Recovery is the best place to check-in with. They are closer to the nature that would give the patient a great relaxation and forget about reality. Being close to the nature and how amazing it is makes things even lighter to carry with.

Reading further about the company, it is nice to know that they do offer the serenity and peace each person would desire to have. The pressure of every life will be taken away because of the wonderful place and services they could give.

If you know someone whom you know that needs help. Why not check out about MorningSide Recovery, maybe it would be the place for them to recover life.

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They always say that your personality is influenced by the people you grew up with, it is obvious that you came from a loving family.

sounds like a perfect place for rehab.

reading the first paragraph, it's like hearing myself talking. :)

You are blessed to have a loving family just like me. The sad thing is not all are blessed to have one like us and some were being misguided and led to a wrong direction in life. That place sounds like so peaceful and close to nature, a perfect place for people needing rehab.

Sayang, wala pa yan noong nagpa-rehab ako. But I tell you, even if you grew up in a living family, yung environment where you are exposed(friends) will be a big factor in molding you to what you are now.

When a kid is expose to a misguided environment, two things may occur challenge or rebellion. Good for those who take a step to the right path. But it is sad for those who go with the flow of wrong doings. Helping those in need of re-directions is the best thing one can do for the lost.

Family support is really a great factor in helping addicts such as subtance users to overcome their demons. I have the misfortune of experiencing the pain of dealing with a drug addict who happens to be one of my siblings. It was a long and painful process before we were able to convince him to go to rehab for his sake.

I am glad that he did. It's been 6 years and he's a well functioning denizen again. When asked how he got through the whole rehab stint, he said, the greatest strength and motivation was derived from the love and support of the family for his recovery. A lot of PRAYERS helped too.

So I am really thankful for rehabs like Morningside Recovery. They are a beacon of hope for lost people like my brother.

Assistance and love from the family is one best factor that the person can recover from being addicted. There are some cases that was not successful because they lack of parents guidance and acceptance. Morning recovery seems like a great help for those who needs help.

You are indeed lucky to have the love and support of your family and friends and for those who don't have that kind of support it's fortunate to have establishments like morningside recovery to help them. still nothing beats the support from Family and friends

Serenity. Everyone of us needs this! Buti naman may nag-offer nito from our friends and loved ones :) Tsaka it's also a big factor paggaling mismo sa atin..

You're lucky if you belong in the middle class, now a days middle class is vanishing and it will only goes to be rich and poor family class.

Belonging to a middle class is not something to be ashamed of. My family is the same. We live from paycheck to paycheck and it isn't fun tightening our budget every month. But as long as proper financial management is at work, life is good!

I can say that i am fortunate also that non of my siblings had this kind of addiction. We have a close family ties as well and thank God that our parents raise us well. Unfortunately, those people who have drug addiction problem, family support can be a great help to recovery aside from going to a drug center for help.

Indeed! Addiction is so sensitive, that even families and close friends cannot help anymore. Good thing there best places we can recommend.

Nothing wrong to be in the middle class family, what matters is how well you lived your life and strive to achieve our goals in life.

I don't belong even in the middle class family. LOL! But I don't gush and grovel about it. I have always been motivated to rise up from poverty.

Indeed, a family's role and the rest of the support system is very important for a person's life. Lucky you! You got a loving family that's always there for you. No need na magpa-rehab ;-)

A recovery or rehabilitation center is such an expensive place to go to. Only rich people can afford it I must say. That' why I say NO to drug addiction! :)

I have a friend who had a dark past before and suffered severe depression, and I realized we constantly need to talk and motivate these kind of people to help them appreciate and enjoy life more.


Yeah I also believe that if you have strong family ties,there is a low chance that you'll be into bad vices . But like I always say there is always room for recovery.

good to know that you are very fortunate compare to other people.

this is definitely a great website for people who need help for a rehabilitation place.

you're fortunate of what you're today as your upbringing has been influenced to you.

People with this kind of problem need the right environment and a lot of support to be able to overcome their problem...good thing there are places like this to provide those things...

support of the family is always a big factor that helps one individual in any circumstances. nice to know that there are places like this now, makes it easier for people who needs it. thanks for sharing.

support from the family and the community not to be bias is also a factor to be fully develop a self-esteem .

I grew up in a very poor family but out parents were always there for us which is a big factor to where and what I am now.

Rehab places are a great avenue to help out those that aren't as blessed as us when it comes to guidance.

it sounds like a perfect place to contemplate and start a new life

been in the middle class all my life. i think it's okay to strive for something better.

and as for the rehab stint, i had a lengthy comment yesterday in this same post regarding how my family survived the pains and agony of sending someone we love through rehab. it helped my brother a lot in terms of facing his own demons, building his confidence again, giving him more will power to resist temptations and definitely to function as a responsible citizen again. and i am very happy to be a part of his journey to recovery. family love, support and prayers are vital to a recovering addict and as long as we are there to help, show our 100% support and commitment to guide them through their recovery, i can assure you that the once-addict will feel important and will push for a more positive and better life for him/her.

Revisiting. I just want to state further, going to rehab is a painful one. I've been there na kasi.

I always hear stories from people about their dad or other family member, being in the rehab and they're very supportive and I know it is a difficult process for both the patient and their family...God and perseverance will surely give a big impact on the patient's progress

have a great Thursday Nova....this post is well liked

It always helps that there are places for recovery for those who want to be helped...

Back here on a Thursday afternoon! :)

Coming back here for Thursday's Comex via FBF.

Rehabilitation could really help those people who needs help but sometimes it is really depends on the person if they are ready to change.

so true! other people will find it helpful to take drugs and other stress's like an escape to paradise for them...and it's not good.

May everyone who have lost their way to the right path be guided in the end. Places like Morningside Recovery indeed could help many who need to find their way and recover from life's dreary misfortunes. A good thing such institutions are existent. Thank you for sharing this, I am sure many will benefit from this information. God bless you always :)

Visiting back here for Thursday's Comex via FBF naman. :) Have a great weekend.

Wow! Seems like a good place for recovery!

Having the family that is loving and supportive is what really matters the most. Materials things maybe important but there is more to that to make life worth living...

Our family is the greatest blessing God gave us. Although sometimes there are mis understanding but it's part of making the bond stronger..

Family should always support each other. And family is always there in times of problems especially when it comes to substance abuse and the likes. Even if the person goes to rehab but if the family does not support or walk through what that person is going through, there is still that feeling of being left alone and despair.

we Filipinos sure are lucky that we grow up in a country that teaches family values. u seldom see that here in US. my husband was not so lucky, he grow up alone without his mom and dad at his side, but he is lucky in some way of marrying a Filipina, and teaching him how important family ties is. =)

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