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Nov 4, 2012

It is late at night and...

This happened one night, when the father bought a Domino game for the son. It was past of his bedtime and the father did insist to give them a couple of minutes so they could play the domino's. 

While watching both my husband and my boy, makes you think you do have an awesome life and family with them.  

Our son did like the game, the funny thing is that my son want's to be his turn. The fun only takes awhile, but that moment they spent together is priceless, so I want to make sure I get a shot on this time to freeze the memories.

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It's really hard to play dominos... especially if it's night time. Hehehe enjoy!

awww! best Daddy and son bonding moment :-) Domino is a fun game for the family :-)

it's ok to sleep late once in awhile especially during weekend. at least your son had a great bonding with his daddy

that was fun! they're probably bored! my husband used to play with legos with his son too when it's almost bed time. I don't know

It sure was fun for you looking at your beloved boys having fun in their domino bonding.

Now I am missing that game too.

That's always a priceless moment worth documenting! And we moms are so good in doing it! :D I have the same countless moments like that, too. Always something nice to look at every time! :)

i love playing dominoes, thanks for sharing this post, I will buy a new set so that we could play it with the kids too... it is indeed priceless:)

i won't mind staying up late for domino, lol.

Time is very important for Daddy and son's bonding Sis :-) It does not matter if it is late :-) Moments like this are always precious :-)

Father and Son bonding! it's very important for dads to let their child feel their presence..May that dad-son tandem goes on until he lives his own life :)

How sweet to see father and son bonding together... Domino is a great mind game..

dominoes reminds me of my FIL. I miss him so much and we used to play it all day when he was alive. cute kids you have, they sure enjoy playing it.

Wow! I am sure they had tons of fun! I always love looking at kids play like this. Such a beautiful sight. It's great you took photos of such wonderful memories.

I bet it is heart warming to see your loved ones having a great time even the simplest play for bonding time :-)

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