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Nov 12, 2012

Future Bowler

I don't remember sharing this picture here, and I am lazy enough to even double check. I wanted to share this adorable photo of my son on our way home from bowling. It is my husband who is part of a league in our the area. We always go with him, ever since he was just an infant and up to now. 

The only thing that is new is that, he insisted to dragged his Daddy's bowling bag in and out of the lane. He doesn't want any help at all. But that doesn't mean we don't watch him, we still kept asking if he needs help? All he can answer is "NO". Very helpful indeed too.

We as parents are proud when our children do some awesome things, we never expected them to do at such a very young age.
This picture was taken by one of my SIL outside the building. He even pose for the picture and afterwards we walked towards the car.

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I know that word very well "NO" as my daughter says it every time.

So sweet of your little one. He's Santa's little helper :) I hope he keeps that kind of attitude, being helpful, even if he's all grown up. Actually, this is the right time to instill that value in him.

I'm still si gle and without a kid! For sure, I will have a happy married life soon :)

At times, we must let our kids express their thoughts. Magandang training yan para sa kanya.

Wow! Pro bowler diay si hubby mo sis? Good for your son as he has someone to idolize when it comes to such sports!

The big NO tells something, hehehe! He wants to do things his own way. Growing up kids showing to their parents they can be of help in their own little way sure makes their parents proud.I hope your son stays that way.

that is so cute....oh, independence!

so sweet Novs, am sure he is proud of "NO", he can do it, and he enjoys doing it, at least, you were there to watch him :)

he's so independent na sis at a young age...:) my kids are like this too, i always wanted to help but sometimes they say, no mommy i can do it. tsaka they are always a good helper, laging nag-oofer nghelp, iyong bunso ko naman will even say, mommy i am a great helper. hehehe. kakatuwa lang talaga may baby o bata sa bahay.

That's really cute! My youngest sister is like that too. Well, sometimes!

he's very helpful, little bowler

that is a cute photo of your son. i bet he is very proud of his daddy

Thanks everyone for the comments...

Awww...that's really cute. To think that kids do that without being told makes us parents really proud.


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