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Nov 6, 2012

Another playdate

A friend of mine has a 1 hour inservice at her work today, and ask for a favor if I could watch her 4 years old son for awhile. I was enthusiastic and said yes, that way they could play with me son at home. It is been awhile since the two boys hang out and played together. They were having so much fun, until my friend came back and talked with each other for awhile. 

The hardest part of a kid's life is when they have to bid goodbye with their playmate. My friend's son just cried and would not want to go home. I don't blame him for they only spend at least 1 and a half hour with each other. However, the good news is that, they could hang out again tomorrow and more days to come, for his father has to go back to work again. 

As for my son, he had an awesome one and a half hour time with his good close friend.

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aawwww! your son needs sibling then hehehehhe. I was glad when my daughter was born because my son will have playmates now. I can't keep up with their energy. hehehhe

it's one of the reasons why we tried so hard to give our firstborn a sibling mommy novs kay lisud kaayo mag-inusara. they enjoy having a playmate but it hurts them when it's time to go home. ana pud akong anak sauna. :D

One thing also why we want two kids so that they have each other to play and grow together.

I can also relate how our girls love to have playmate and don't wanna go home when it's time too :-) They just love to be with their friends playing.

Gawa na ng playmate ng anak mo,Novz so that he'll have a constant playmate ;-)

That's good they will have another playdate soon, kids love to play with other kids lalo pag magkasundo sila.

kids get easily attached with other kids especially when they played together and having great time. i noticed that with my kids. they love to have playdate with other kids, so we set a day each week for it. they always enjoy it. :)

kids easily can make friends with another kid, it's amazing how that works

Reading your post made me wonder, What is life if you have no friends to share laughter and tears? Nalala ko tuloy yung TV commercial na may linya na "Sino ng bestfriend mo?"

Awwwe! I can really relate to that because my son would miss his buddy Jake so much who lives 5 hours away. Kids really need to mingle with other kids to develop their social skills.

you are so right, Nova, kids do need the time to socialize with other kids, that's part of their learning process which is very important as well. glad he will have more of those times with his friend.

oi, kasi naman nasa stage naman they are in the stage of loving to mingle, that is why it is good that a child should have someone at his age to play with, because they have their own language that we the old ones cannot give it to them, no matter how hard we try.. :(

I could remember my brother when he was just little and would really insist playing with our neighbors outside the house. My bro is the boy among 6 children and maybe he could not relate to us so he needs to be with the boys. =)

I feel you, that's a challenge having one child. Most of the time I set a play date with my daughter every month to socialize her, I feel bad she needed more than once a month.

the kid is starting to make friend and is longing to have somebody of his own age to play with and interact, not just toys that have no life, nice that he found your son as his new friend.. :)

the kids always want to interact with other kids, its really hard to say goodbye to a playmate. glad that the boys are enjoying their time together :)

I know.. as a kid, it's always the goodbyes that are very hard to deal with after playing with your playmate.

I can really relate to that kind of scenario.

My little girl has this neighbor playmate that she plays with every single day but when bye-bye time comes she would always cry as if it is their last goodbyes. LOL

Sorry for the late COMEX visit Sis :)

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