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Oct 24, 2012

Time for a Change

I kept this template for a longer time because I love the design and how it simplifies my blog name. Letting go of something you have for quite sometimes is just hard to do. You can’t fully decide right away of a change however, it takes time to pursue that decision. In spite of the difficulty, I came to a final conclusion of the new change.

It may take awhile for the changes to occur, however, I must accept the actuality that I have to let go of the precedent and move on to a brighter and enhanced one. I know it sounds ridiculous for some, as for me, it is stiff sometimes to just let go especially when you have the feeling of “this one does fit most”. Like the world around us, in order to be successful we have to take some risk. A risk that would not hurt anyone else and just a feeling of fear of what might be the upshot; nevertheless, we have to take some chances.

Anyways, I do sound like someone left me, but it’s not it is just a changes on this blog’s template. Let’s move on and take some risks.

11 freaking comments:

Change for the better, that would be nice. Each one is entitled to face his fear.

the only permanent thing in this world is change, I hear you, but it should be ok =D

This is is cool. Love it! Don't fear change as long as it's for the better. Cheers!

this is quiet a nice template to me, but for a change, can't wait to see the new one :)

change is for the better...:) looking forward to the new one.

Change is not really bad but it is true we need to take some risk...You go girl...

always great to change something into a better one, sabi nga change is the only constant word in this world. :) goodluck on your template change, can't wait to see it. :)

Change is ok if the purpose is good. Looking forward to your new template!

I love this template ate,it has a character. Yes, I also agree on taking risk but sometimes I get scared when I am clueless of the outcome.

aw.. this template is beautiful sis. i love it as well. it suits the title of this blog

Real life challenges starts when we take risks! :)

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