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Oct 7, 2012

They eat what you eat…

I must agree and to disagree with my title. For it happened to me, I do learn by heart when I was young; I was force by my mother to eat green leafy vegetables. Even asparagus, they have tried so many ways for me to eat a little bite of these healthy nutrition foods; however they still failed to do so. Since, I had the hard time to accept and eat them; I never like eating dinner with the family. I never like to sit on the table with the entire member and enjoy the good vigorous meal; my father and my mother cook and provided us. Why I was not enthusiastic about it? Because of those vegetables that was serving on the table. That is how hard [for me] my childhood was. Although, it is for my own good health, still rebuff to eat them. I guess my parents were tired of telling me how important these foods are for my health and body, so I have never heard them reprimanding me, when I reached High School.

In short, we don’t need to force our kids to eat something they think it is not fine in taste. Instead, we should them and just keep asking if they would like to try. And when they see you enjoying those foods, they would like to try it and see how splendid it is. Just like what I showed with my kid, green beans some no fun to appear at. However, showing him that it does tang good, without me asking him twice, he tried and actually enjoyed the taste and eat more of it.

So, I told myself, better show and eat hale and hearty to demonstrate it to your kids that we could enjoy food even if it did not look good in the outside.

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Try giving your kids some healthy foods which your kids will surely like to eat.

so true, Nova, modeling is the key :) we won't succeed in forcing them, but we may succeed when we model to them :)

I hated it when I was young and my mom would force me to eat veggies but now that I am a mom, myself, I understand why they have to do that.

:( i am so guilty with this. so true, we are the role model and kids observes us and follow what we do and what we ate. we should eat healthy stuff that way they'll it it too

eating with leafy veggies are must that's what i tell my kid but he's a type of kid that picky. I've always remind him in that way he is able to ate.

I truly agree. My kids are always copycats too! If they saw us eating the food we prepare, they will do the same (though not all the time since they're picky eaters) but mostly especially my daughter. So, this is important to be role models...

I completely agree...:) eating healthy is always the best way.

I completely agree, too!! I am so glad that my kids eat veggies and love it! they say they eat because they see us enjoy veggies ourselves. I am glad hubby and I have been good examples to our kids.

I think as parents we have to lead by example as our kids will emulate what they see in their parents being their first teachers too.

I was forced to eat food i didn't like too when i was a child..mostly the foods were those with veges. I hated veges then but now I enjoy any of it. Kids will eventually learn to eat veges, parents just have to wait i think.

Exactly they eat what we eat and we eat what's their left overs hehe.

That is what I am doing with my little one and I think I need more effort and patience because she doesn't like any food to put on her mouth. Well, she is just one year old though, I have to introduce her many soft foods until she likes to put it on her mouth. Thanks for sharing the info!

i totally agree with them healthy food is beneficial to their whole body

aw.. i was forced to eat fish everyday when i was young. my dad would scold me and said that i am not the daughter of the floreindo. hahaha.. anyway. now i miss fish a lot. hehe. my kids loves to eat vegetables. i make it fun for them and now they love it!

I grew up not in a well-off family so I had no choice but to eat whatever is available for us on the dinner table. The same thing I do for my kids now. I have to tell my 6-years old to eat whatever Mama has prepared for her because everything I wanted her to eat is good. So far, it's been working. Although I must confess, there's a lot of enforcing that's happening there but I am doing it for my child's health's sake. :D

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