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Oct 31, 2012

Teen Titans Member

Another last minute of costume searching and we end up a Teen Titans “Robin” for our son. Actually, I and my SIL did plan for a good funny costume for my son and her 4 years old daughter. Peebles and BamBam, however the cost is way too expensive for our budget. And if you take a good look of the costume fabric, it is not worth of the money to spend into. We can sew it, but it is now too late, I procrastinate a lot lately due to the cold weather outside.

For now, he will stick into that costume, and hopefully the weather outside would not be very cold so we could visit at least couple of houses.

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i don't know what Robin costume looks like but i google it! it was nice costume for a little boy. My son chooses to be mario lol

I googled it too and i find it cool. I am sure your son will enjoy the trick or treat in that costume.

we never buy costumes for the occasion because we don't celebrate it.

Maybe you could share some pics of your son on his Halloween costume next time. :)

that's a cute choice...:)

I think they're the easiest to find.. nice choice :)

cool idea for your son. one of my son is an iron man and my other son a dinky dragon for Halloween this year.

Hope your son enjoyed his Robin costume coz it sure is a cool one :-)

my kids are not here and we forgot to buy candies...if the kids are here, my little boy will surely pick a capt america costume:)

yes, good choice! hope your son will have fun!

hope u had a great halloween! kids always settle to anything. maybe u should try purchasing after halloween i bet its cheaper then

We don't part take the celebration but kids are always cute on costumes

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