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Oct 3, 2012

Late sleep, later to wake up

Most parents put their kids on bed by 8 or 9 pm excluding us and my other friend in Wisconsin. Me and hubby, decided not to take our little one on bed by those time, since he isn’t in school yet so what’s the hurry to get them to bed? We have experienced from our bundle the time, we spend in the bedroom with him, doing nothing, waiting for him to fall asleep, which takes everlastingly to happen.

I didn’t say it is wrong to let them doze by earlier, it would be great for them especially when they start schooling, so they could have enough sleep and be energetic when they are in school. Even so, letting them stay longer to wear out their energy is another thing you can do too. Except that they will be awake late at night. The effect of that is, they’ll wake up later in the morning too, which gives you more chores to be done with no disruption.

Since our son reached two we were certain not to oblige him to bed by those early hours. As long as he is not whiney he can stay late but not very late. At least we could have more fun with him even more while everyone is ready for a good night sleep.

So today, I have an adequate time to write more articles in both blogs. Done some task that I was given, and at least get things ready before him to wake up. 

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good for you mommy cos you keep your time very organized. me, i keep on struggling on juggling time between online and offline.

Good job mommy, kids just need pattern to follow so so can be productive too :) dropping by :)

I used to do the same procedure like yours mami when my daughter was at your son's age...dali raman pod nuon sila maka adjust kung ting skul no rush...ehehe!

When my daughter was homeschooled, we didn't mind the time when to sleep. We usually would be in slumber at 12 midnight and it was alright because we were just home. Now that she's in school, we have to manage our time different. Early to bed coz it's early to rise, too. :)

We did the same thing with our son when he was not in school yet but as soon as he started, it was difficult at first. however, sooner he started waking up early for school and went to bed around 8 pm. You're good sis, just enjoy this time when your little one is not in school yet.

Enjoy it while you can Mommy :-) I let my kids sleep like tonight coz it is Friday so as Saturday night but except Sunday to prepare them for going to school :-)

I am not a morning person too hehe usually am late one too

I am a morning person too and so my kids are a late sleeper but my older two has to go to bed not later than 10 or they'll get too lousy and tired at school. The earlier for them the better but like your child, he hasn't started school so that's okay to keep him a little late so he'll wake up later in the day and give you all the time you need to run household chores.

My son when he was little he is just like the 20 months old not wanting to sleep early but the one who go to school he will sleep early...

the earlier the kids sleep the more things we can do at night time, just like what you said, you can do your blogging work at night once their asleep already. :) unfortunately my daughter is a late sleeper and yes, she bugs me while i'm trying to finish my work online :(

i just hope i'm as organized as you are. cheers for sharing! :)

Our girls go to sleep between 8 and 9 pm unless we have so much going on in the house or they had a long nap in the afternoon that they goes to sleep beyond that.

In my training and experience, getting the kids to sleep early, even if they don't need to, is a good practice.

It's far healthier for them to get in that habit.

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