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Oct 10, 2012

I rake and he played

We are at the new house previously to rake some dry leaves at the backyard. Yes! It has not middle of autumn yet, we have plenty of dry leaves from the trees we have in the yard. We are going to buy the house and lot of my hubby’s grandparent’s house, for his mother and aunts decided to put their mother in the nursing home. Because he had so many memories in that place, he and his older brother decided to buy the property to keep it within the family instead of someone who takes over the place.

Anyways, we started to rake some leaves so we could keep up with Mother Nature. While I was raking the leaves and piled them in one place, our son decided to play on the big pile. It looks fun for them and see how amazing this colorful leaves on the ground. He helped a little, but it is more fun for him to play with the dry leaves. He loves to just toast them up and walked on it while he is dragging this leaves with his feet.

Kids could not feel how cold it is outside, as long as they have fun of what they are doing. Yes, it was pretty windy that day, I was shivering yet, I don’t see any cold from my son’s face.

Sometimes, you can see how kids fight for the weather just to enjoy it to be outside. 

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Oh, I know! It is really fun to play on that pile of leaves! Glad your son enjoyed it!

that's a lot of leaves! and by the look on your child's face he seems to have so much fun :)

Playing is always fun for me and my kids. We have lots of fallen leaves at the backyard too.

Ah, fall. I love the orange~ish and reddish colors all around =)

It's amazing how kids could have fun anywhere, anytime regardless of the situation...they really must be angels! how I would love to play with him and the colorful leaves! he looks so cute and huggable hmmmm mwahhuuggsss for him :-)

I'm back here with another comment. I love playing with dry leaves. Have a fun day.

How I wish I could also experience the amazing season..

We don't have that kind of tree in Cali,bummer! for sure my kids would love to play too!

the signs of fall and autumn :) enjoy jumping on those dry leaves. good lil helper too

I used to play in a pile of leaves when I was young..Wish to do the same thing together with my daughter. I'm sure it will be a lot of fun!

Quality time is best for any relationship. sure you and your kid spent a fun day sweeping those leaves. Kita naman sa photos eh.

wow, this sounds really fun for kids, i will be happy there too. lucky, your family can buy the house and lot. sana maka-experienced din ako ng ganyan season someday, hehehe! :)

that sounds fun but not for me! i hate raking outside while the weather is so cold!!!

Oh, I hate raking leaves...glad we don't have trees autumn signs here yet.

made me think that we should do ours too. or else the neighbors won't like us. waaaa... what a pretty and busy Fall backyard you have.

Sure your son enjoyed the experience.

That's a lot of leaves but I am glad your kid enjoyed it a lot, lol it reminds me of my childhood I used to play leaves too. :)

wow! that could be a nice picture sis..I love taking pictures of the dry leaves and I can imagine how nice it was with your son playing the leaves :-)

It is a wise decision to keep a family property...

oh, so true Novs, kids could not feel the cold at all as long as they are having fun. beautiful colors by the way.

my daughter love those fall leaves

visiting you back again and I love FALL !

It's hard to get this work done if there's a little peepz who thinks they're happy helper but they do want to play with that dry leaves. My kids used to say this to their grandma that they're happy helper and want to help clean up the dry leaves but it takes a while for thier grandma to clean up the yard.

Seems really fun. The kid surely enjoyed it! :)

Yay! you do have many leaves fall from the trees
:-) Raking sure is fun and I am looking forward when we rake and the kids can play with the leaves :-)

wow thats a lot of leaves sis! i bet it would be fun to jump on it after raking it. =)

Wow, those leaves are too colorful and fun to look at to get rid off from. If it was my yard, I'll leave it that way for few days, LOL.

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