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Oct 31, 2012

Few came

It is finally Halloween; around 6pm to 8pm would be the Time of the trick or treats. We finally decided not to go out for it was raining, and hubby says you can see your breath outside. As a mother who has a 2 years old, health is very important, plus he just gone better from a two days mild fever. However, we have candy instead to give out to those kids who are going for a trick or treat. We thought and expect of many for they were many last year. And I guess it would be alternate years for many kids to fewer kids.

Tonight was one of those years that we have few kids; it didn’t bother our Son that we have to skip the year again. As long as he will give out the candies to the kids, then he is set with it. He was more excited every time I told him that someone is knocking on the door. He’ll grabbed the candy bowl and gave it to those kids.

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awww.. rain the spoiler.. indeed it's the kids health that's more important.. there will be next year's Halloween :) Dropping by sis.

Sorry your son had to miss trick or treating this year.. but I am sure he had fun just the same!

your son sounds like so anxious to give candies to the kids who come knocking on your door :) but sorry lil boy the weather was unpleasant and kids weren't wandering that much. maybe next year again :)

Ah, too bad it was raining...good thing he still enjoyed Halloween by giving out candies...:-)

we never even bother going out too for trick or treating because it's too cold to be out. plus, it was raining! it was Really a bad Halloween this year because of the weather eventually.

we had few kids who came for the trick or treat, it's pretty cold outside

Rain is always a spoiler for trick or treating :-) We ended up at the mall but there were too many people :-) Good thing the rain stopped by the time we're home so we decided to go around our neighborhood.

maybe it was because of the weather that only few kids came for the trick or least there were few who dared

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