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Oct 1, 2012

Disrespectful people…

One Saturday afternoon while I was having a blast time with my son inside the house, a flock of teenagers walked by the front house with a black furry dog with them abruptly stopped in front yard of the house and take a dump. I was so mad, to see them doing nothing, I knocked our glass window and signed the convoy girl to pick up that dog poop. I went ballistic when; they continued walking without turning back and pick up what their dog did. I remembered the face of this teenager who has a dog with her. I will make sure that then they pass by this house again, even if that dog poop was already desiccated and decaying, I will make sure that she’ll take it with her.

I never like to judge people, for I never wanted to be judge. However, showing lack of respect to other’s property is something that I won’t endure and would tell them what they did wrong.  Also, in my perspective, if you taught your kids how to be respectful, no matter where they are and what they do, they will show respect just because the parents are around. It is a value that will stick with them for the rest of their lives that they will be thankful they have.

I adhere this people, no concern at all, this is why sometimes nothing happens no matter how hard we tries to improved this country for there are people who are disrespectful and no concern at all. 

4 freaking comments:

oh, who would not be disappointed with this behavior indeed, Nova. that is sad those kids were probably not able to pick up the right modeling from the adults around them.

that's why i am venting here, and i will definitely tell her if i sees her walking by the house to pick up what she left behind...

Disrespectful people can be seen any where. I just hope when they pass by again you will see them...

Sometimes, i just think that they'll be Karma right?

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