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Oct 22, 2012

A Day in PumpkinVille

Finally, the day has come for us to visit this place that I just used to hear. They weren’t the kind of place where they operates the whole year. In fact, they only operate during fall season and when Halloween is getting closer. Something that a family can go with, have fun with their kids and enjoy the cold weather [I am just kidding], the things that children can do and wanders during this season.

I have been on this Country for four years now and this was the first time I stepped a foot on that place. I was really excited, for it was my first as well as our son’s. Since it took us an hour just to get into that place, I want to make sure that we do something outhere and makes sure we enjoy the place. While anxiously waiting to get there, hubby decided to take the back road so we could enjoy the beautiful scenery, though it is a little bit longer than the express road. We saw the skiing place, and now I am determine to at least try to go skiing with the family. But then again, we have to make sure we save money and move first before this entire vacation plan on the list.

Anyways, when we arrived there were plenty of people in the area of course, the weather is very fine. A little bit windy but that did not stop us. Bought fresh made apple cider and witnessed the procedures on making at the same time; explore the area, acquire some goodies like the pumpkin donuts and kernel corn. We never dared to wait for the rides, for it has a very long line. What's more we do not desire to waste our time standing and waiting for our turns. Our little bundle seems to have some fun at the animals they have, took some pictures and when there is nothing else for us to do in PumpkinVille, we headed home. It was a delightful experienced, now I could say words when people or family talks about it.

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Nice pics Nova :) Me and my family will be in NYC this Thursday until 31 Oct. and hoping on all hopes that we will be able to visit any pumpkin patch near the area. :)

Some nice pics here sis, hope I can visit the place too. Dito kasi sa atin, puro kalabasa lang nakikita ko.

beautiful pictures, how i wish my kids can experienced these things someday. :) must be really fun to be there. :)

Nice , I hope we get to experience and visit the PumpkinVille too. My kids will surely love it!

awwwwwww..what a wonderful bonding!

Great photos, your son looked like he had a blast!

This reminds me of making pumpkin out of clay...

By the way, I really want to attend pumpkin festival near where I live. I think we missed the date. So better luck next year. I heard it is so much fun and of course I want to see big pumpkins and and take pictures of it.

glad you had fun, Nova, and gotten a chance to visit the place. Hope you get to be back there and try skiing too, but of course, after moving in to your new home, wishing you and your family well in your plans.

that's good you had an opportunity to visit the place, I do love apple cider and donuts and one thing I misses it.

cool pictures and i might try that pumpkin donut soon...

oh I bet it's so fun to be at that place esp. if you have kids! Great bonding time for the family.

oh, i would love to visit a PumpkinVille too for a fun experience. :)

Very colorful pics of the pumpkin patch. Love it! It reminds me of the pumpkin patch we visited in Texas 4 years ago.

That reminds me we need to buy pumpkin too.

Your son sure had a blast. Thanks for sharing the experience.

Seeing a pumpkin patch this Fall in NY is my objective. And I hope that we will have the time to drive to nearby states like in NJ or Connecticut where there may be pumpkin patches.

Lovely pics! I just enjoy seeing too many pumpkins in one area. Love the orange color of Fall!

Visiting here for the second time, Nova. May you enjoy the rest of the week.

Revisiting, few more days, Halloween na, Are your pumpkin lanterns ready?

I never seen a real pumpkin before. Because here we only have squash. :-) nice pics you got there, sis Nova! The pumpkins looks really nice.

I saw a huge pumpkin here at the farm nearby, it's scary,hehe

I would love to visit a pumpkin patch with my kids someday!

Cool activity for kids this Halloween

such a great family bonding...let's carve some pumpkins!

this is amazing... specially for kids. i do hope we get to have this kind of event here... hehe

cheers for sharing! :)

back here again...:) have a great week and always nice to see your pictures!

Oh that must be fun and those are great shots...

Seems a very interesting place to visit.. Thanks for sharing! :)

how much is it? you know here in pur country they are now selling pumpkins but gosh! the price is unbelievable! for a small one, it can cost up to $10

great pictures here.... you guys seem to have fun!

wow so much fun! dont you just love fall season? this is one of the things that we look forward too, pumpkin picking! thanks for sharing your photos of your experience

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