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Sep 11, 2012

What's the occasion?

Another year had fast; we are given another one great memory to cherish. What occasion we had yesterday? It was our four years of marriage, it seems just like yesterday that I came here and married the man of my dreams. Although, it took us awhile to find each other, still if God gives you someone who is meant for you to be with for the rest of your life, nothing is impossible. No matter where you are at, there will be a way for both to meet.

It was yesterday, when me and hubby exchanges our “I Do’s” in front of a judge at the court house, together with his family, best friend, grandmother and aunt. Sad to say, I have nobody in my side that’ve witness the said marriage. However, it isn’t too late yet, Church blessing still in the plan and I would definitely do that, for as a Catholic I am do have beliefs and faith in my religion and to our God.  

Moreover, to celebrate our wedding anniversary, we went to eat our dinner at a nice restaurant in our area. Of course, we took our bundle of joy with us. It was fun to have him with us, instead of being with a babysitter. Had an awesome dinner and thankful for having such an amazing family I had. Would love to have a simple celebration, and it makes things even memorable when you have the two important person in your life with you on that Special Day.

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happy anniversary to both of you Nova, yes, God will always make a way.

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