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Sep 28, 2012

Tutorial another way to help our kids

Tutoring someone with their school subjects is a great way to help this students/pupils gain knowledge of more and even advanced with their subjects. It is a way to make sure, they absorb what teachers taught them in a long day at school, and even remembers them as the school year goes on. So, I would salute those parents who can tutor their kids from their school works and even persuade them to surpass with each issue. 

I remembered my older brother requirements help from reading in English during our younger days. And that’s where my parents look for a training school, however during those times lesson is not as frequent as now. We can find tutoring websites, which need not to be outside the comfort of the house or even ask that person to come to your home instead. Before, it is rigid, well for us, I guess, nevertheless we are still propitious to have an uncle who is very smart even though he never graduated College. I can say he is a gifted person, our late uncle Antonio Albao. He was such a big help to my brother and his patience with him has seen in the future.

My point here is, we don’t just get tutorials just because we aren’t good in a certain subject, if you think you needed more help even though you are fine with a school projects. We can still ask for tutorials whether it is online or in person.

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it's nice to have online tutoring these days too, it makes it a lot easier to find tutors especially when it is hard to find tutors in the area.

that's true, with the convenience of your house, you don't need to dress up just to learn..

tutorial is really good because it'll help students enhance their skills even more. I know my brother had a tutorial class when he was still in his kindergarten years. It helped him learn how to read.

kids will learn faster when through those tutorials....

tutors always do a great help to students who need it. i didn't grow up with a tutor. it would have been awesome if i did. i am thankful that i and my husband can serve as tutors to our children now.

Tutors are very much helpful in advancing our kid's academic knowledge. For now, I am doing my best to tutor our kindergartner. If ever come a time that I don't understand the lesson, esp Math :-) I will check for a tutor for her :-)

tutoring or getting a tutor is really beneficial to students learning. nowadays high tech na, we can even get a tutor service online

Its now easier and more accessible when there are already online tutors! It is indeed helpful for students to have tutors. It develops their study habits!

Online tutors has made the life of the students a bit easy. This is a good way to let your kids study.

It is nice and convenient now a days where you have the option of either going to class or a virtual class/online and just be at the comfort of your home. There are a lot of helps out there these days and it should be convenient to look for help.

I miss tutoring. That happened to be one of my side jobs before. I like it better than handling a class of 30 in a room. No I'm not a teacher by profession but I was once hired to teach (something that didn't last by choice) and that's where the tutorial opportunities came in. :D

Tutoring is not an easy does not only require knowledge about the subject but it requires more patience and technique. I never tried that before, but I guess teaching my kids is in a way the same. It's great also that online tutoring is now also available for students. :) And may I just add, getting a tutor doesn't mean you suck at one subject :).

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