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Sep 14, 2012

Technologies has it all

 Nowadays, things are getting easier and easier. From the basic appliances at home to the big equipment a company has to have. What I meant was, instead of doing some works manually, we have help from the electronics that was built by this genius.  Thank to their curiosity, they built up appliances that would make things better and quicker. For instance, that appliance that would make our laundry dry and wash faster, if we need the clothes right away, we don’t need to go to the river to wash them with our own hands, instead we just put them in the washer and then once it is done, dryer is the fastest and easiest way to dry our clothes without spending so much time hanging them in the clothes lines.

We should be thankful for the modern technologies that were built for our convenience. If we are now on a fairy world, we call them our magical helper. Only that Bosch Washing Machine were not build this time, only fairies can make something similar, however wouldn’t be like an electronics.

Thank you for the modern technologies, we have everything done as quick as we want them to be.

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I agree, the only disadvantage of that is the fact that some of the jobs are being taken over by machines.

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