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Sep 6, 2012

Potty Training, Was it really that hard?

I am on the stage with my son, on potty training. I started training him when he was 24 months. It was pretty easy; the very first time we did it was a success. You have to be consistent of doing it, in order for your kid to set his mind whenever they need to go, there is a place called bathroom where they could do their business. However, that training quite stop and it was just random for me to take him to the bathroom.

They said, it shows to each kid how ready they are for this new transition. You can’t force them, when you remind and encourage them if it is time for potty. There are times that it was easy, and times I get so frustrated to myself for he wouldn’t go and wouldn’t leave what he is doing. Nevertheless, I still have to be patient and try to reward him if he goes and at least tries.

And because parents consist of a male and a female, both have to be consistent of what they teach with their kids. It is sometimes hard if only one parent who does the potty training and the other just never tried enough.

I am sure it will take a while for our son to get used to this change. I wish to get this done and him to master and tells his bladder to remind him brain to tell me if he is ready to go potty.

As for me, it is hard, very challenging, but I could only do so much for him. Be more patient, be consistent and understand that it is also hard for our little toddler over the transition they are going through.

Kids are different, some only takes a month or two and they are potty trained. Others take a little while to learn it. And as for me and our 30 months old, we are still trying.

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you are so right Nova about being patient, soon, before you know it, he is very well trained :)

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