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Sep 27, 2012

New Bowler?

Hubby was in a league ever since we meet, and until this very day he is still one of the active members in his team. So, when I came here he always took me to their bowling tournament which falls every Thursday night of the week.

When we had our bundle of joy, we didn’t joining the league; as an alternative we sometimes brought our little one, since it won’t bother him the loud noise in the bowling lane. My only apprehension was the smoke, although it is proscribed to smoke inside, still when you went outside all those smokers were right next to the exit door. And there still a high chance for us non-smoker to gasp the 2nd smoke which is more hazardous.

However, we didn’t hangout outside, especially during winter. How can this smoker acquire this kind of vices? Oh well, it isn’t my body and it isn’t my life.

Anyways, the 2nd night of the beginning of the new season, our little one is so persistent on carrying this heavy bowling bag of his father. Although it has a wheel and you can drag it with the aid of the handle, but still for a 25 lbs toddler it is heavy, plus there were two bowling balls inside. He surely is determined to drag it from the lane to the car.

It is so nice to see, your kids are so self-governing with some certain things. What we did that night, is to make sure he will be fine, assist him if he needed one. Nevertheless, there were no shows of tiredness during that time. It is just breathtaking how kids would do for their parents that would make their parent be more concern.

I guess, for us parents, all we can do is to make sure that if we let them do things they think they are capable of. Then we show them that no matter what everything is going to be okay, and we will always be supportive and guide them always.

3 freaking comments:

Bowling is one family activity that we love. You might have a future bowling star in your hand.

i should bring my kids and hubby to go bowling.

I used to be on a bowling league many years ago now-I always enjoyed it-now unfortunately my ankle and arm both give out and I can no longer bowl.

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