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Sep 18, 2012

How to choose a good investment

I truly admit, I have no knowledge about what to choose for a good investment in the future. I have so many plans in mind, but just processing everything tires my brain, and the laziness just kicks in all the time. Plus, the money that involves with all the production has to be handy.

Hubby and I were buying another house from his grandmother.  We already owned this house that we are living right now. However, when we moved to the other one, we planned to rent this one out. We already rented the upper part of this house, since this is a two apartment house. We do earn from that rental and it goes to our mortgage payment. Nevertheless, investing in housing is pretty tough sometimes; for we don’t know who will takes care of your property and who doesn’t, so it is a fifty-fifty choice.

Anyways, if you are residing to Florida state, and looking for a good house investment. I can recommend you to check out florida short sale, there is nothing wrong if you seek for advice and guidance on how to get that dream house without spending too much money. It is within same company that florida short sale process is what you needed to know.

We do wish and hope that our investment will work out in the future, for this choice isn’t just for our future, it will also for our generations’ future. We will become their legend once, the planned we have worked out and generate even more income.

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so true, Nova, we don't know who will take care of our housing investments sometimes, but what is good with you is that you are at least close enough to the other rental house you have.

thank you betchai, can't wait to move at the new one before cold weather kicks in....

Nice move ate, sub leasing your property helps lessen the mortgage payment, but of course one of the risk is that, you do not know how good your tenant in maintaining the house.

You have nice investments.

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