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Sep 14, 2012

A conversation that melts my heart

I have a very quick conversation tonight with my 2 years old son. While waiting for my partner to be home from work, I decided to let my son play with my IPad. There are some applications in my tablet that is not compatible with my IPod touch, so he sometimes borrows mine to play educational games.

He was at the living room and I was on my computer in our dining room. When he comes to me and only holding his IPod, I asked him “Where is my IPad?”, which by that time I have already put away because he left it in the living room unattended. The rest of the conversation follows:

Son: “It’s not there”

Me: “Where is it?”

Son: “It’s gone?”

Me: pretending I was crying

Son: Hugging me, plus saying: “Sorry, Mama… I will find it okay?”, then says “You stay here, I will find it, okay?”

My last response with him was “Okay”. He was actually looking for it, but of course in a different place. The searched was actually stopped too when my partner arrives.

During those conversation with my 2 years old just melted my heart, and sees how concern he was with me. The hug makes the whole thing even sweeter.

Children is definitely the fruit of life, they can make your day bad or worst however with just a single smile, kiss, hug or saying “ I love you, Mama or Papa” makes all those emotion goes away.

I am happy to have one and more kid/s to come; they are my pride, my life and my joy.

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the good thing of having our little one's hehehehe..vising from my other blog

wow how sweet :-)

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