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Aug 26, 2012


This isn't related to a Knock-out in boxing. I am referring to my 2 years old son. After 7 hours of playing with his playmate, which is the son of another Filipina friend here. He finally decided to give his eyes and body a rest. I bet he call it that night off.

I mentioned that I have a week of babysitting for this Filipino kid because his dad has a week of training. Gladly, God answer my prayers, I need more income to buy gifts and put in the balikbayan box which I planned of sending next month for December. 

Would rather buy the present here for the whole family, than there, for I could used the Amazon gift cards I earned while swagging. Turned out that it is all freebies, aside from things I couldn't buy online. 

Anyways, after this week, we are back to normal days. Until, the father of that other kid has to go back for another week of training.

It is just funny to see how this kids can hold their tireful body just to play and keep up on what's going on in that day.

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