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Aug 12, 2012

Happy Sunday!

I have been missing so many updates here, however today wouldn't be another day of it. I just want to make sure that I have greeted you all a wonderful Sunday. Would have a lovely weather to enjoy this resting day with the family and friends with us. 

Here, it wouldn't be, because it is going to be rainy and cold. So for me and my family we might be heading to the new house to do things we needed to do. Although it is pretty much done, just cleaning and dusting would be a great thing to pass time.

Anyways, Have  a Happy Sunday Everyone!

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I hope you spent the day productively the way you wanted to--think of it this way-better to do what you had to do on a rainy day rather then a sunny one!!

It has been cold and rainy here, too. Looking forward to warmer days ahead.

It's getting warm here so YaY for that, our weekend will be spent probably outside, I hope!

The weather is still not warm here but it will start next week. I can't wait to do some yard works...

Sunday is our family day. The weather is great here so we get to go out and play as a family - my favorite day of the week.

If the weather is nice my family and I usually spend time outdoors. The weather has been pretty unpredictable lately so we play it by ear.

Have a happy Sunday! We are just chillin' here at home because we had a big day yesterday.

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