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Aug 28, 2012

Another School Year has begun

Some part of the states had already started their class. Students were so excited to see their old classmates, new classrooms and new teachers. Others are even enthusiast to see the school they left for summer vacations. However, others are not happy to be back in school. Because of too many things to adjust after months of staying up late at night, waking up late in the morning, no more homework to thing and even the pop quizzes. 

I remember when I was in my elementary years, my Mother bought us our new school stuffs. New uniform for the whole year, and new shoes. The excitement for me to use all those new items inside my backpack. I have to make sure that I tagged my notebook, pens and crayons that way, it would not lost if someone will borrow my stuff. 

Education is very important to everyone, for this is the only thing that you could take with you forever. I never forget when my parents keep reminding us of how precious to finish our education. Because they don't have the wealth on earth to give to us when they pass, at least making sure that the whole children had finished College Degree. 

Thankful for those reminders from them, for we all did used the education we had in all those years. Although, sometimes there are subjects that we aren't fan with. This is now where helps you. An online tutorial to those who want to learn and understand the subject more. I told myself that kids/adults who went back to school nowadays has so many resources they can get. So many options to help them pass their test. If you are busy and don't have time to go anywhere, online tutorial is very rampant now, of course we want to make sure we pick the right website. 

So for those who needs more assistance, is where you should go.

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i too am glad Nova for the values my parents instill on us on the importance of education, something they can give to us that no one can take away.

It's a treasure our parents given to us... Blessing...!

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