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Aug 21, 2012

A week with a playmate

Starting Monday my son will be having a playmate 2 years older than him and this time it's also a boy. I have known this little boy because her mother is my good friend. Because the father went back to work for a week, and the mother is working now, I have committed to babysit him while both parents are at work. Good thing for me because our son will have a week of playmate and I will be able to earn income while babysitting. 

I like doing this, they bicker sometimes, then became friends again and loves to just play with each other. The little boy is very obedient and sweet, just like my son too. As if they were just siblings. One good thing too is that, this would help me prepare in the future.

I am glad that I have a week to babysit to earn and to enjoy. 

2 freaking comments:

yes, they bicker sometimes, then, they become friends again :)

that's what kids are...really they can forget things easily wish adults would be the same :(

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