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Jul 10, 2012

Saving for last!!!

I'm talking about the dried squid I was saving for months. Since, I save this dried squid for a longer period, I told myself one day to cook this before it gets molds. Gladly to say, it didn't and now this is the last dried squid I am frying. 

You might be wondering why it is sitting on the top of a plastic chair, which dumbly an idea. Because this fryer gets hotter and hotter it has a tendency  to melt the awesome red plastic chair of my son. Which by the way, I didn't think about while I was doing this. Yet, I ended up taking some pictures. You might also wondering, why I am outside. I am pretty sure if you've been cooking dried squid, or dried fish, you are trying to prevent the smell that sticks inside the house. Which sometimes takes three whole days to be gone. Plus, don't want to take a risk of the smell that would also sticking in our clothes. Oh the life of a Filipino who enjoys their cuisine.

I was happy that day was a little bit windy, so the smell of the fried squid don't stays in that area. And yes! There aren't flies who also enjoying the good smell of this food. 

I finally ate the last batch of this dried squid and couldn't wait for my sister's package for me in the mail, which also contains another batch of dried fish and squid again. 

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haha, you gave me an idea to cook dried squid outside too, as the smell stays inside the house for soooo long a time :)

yup, that's what i have always in my mind, when the first time i did it inside the house, unfortunately for our weather here, we have 6 mons of snow, so if i will do that, hopefully i have another way, in order for me to eat dried squid during those months

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