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Jul 17, 2012

Learning more and more

I have noticed from a 2 years old the development and learning he had every day. As the day goes by, he gets to learn new words that I haven't teach him to say. I make sure that he'll understand at least 2 language. It will makes him a bi linguist.

I am so amazed of little kids brain for they can adapt things so easily. I am sure by this stage parents who wants to give their kids a brighter future have already thought them in advance. 

For me, I want it to be lay-low. I want to make sure that my kids would have a happy and memorable childhood, just like what I have with family, cousins, relatives and friends. I want them to think that we don't force them to be in more advance stage, instead we would rather let them have fun at the same time learn stances of life. 

Parenting isn't easy, the most hardest job in the whole world, for it is a child's future that is in your hand. You have to make sure that you've thought them the right way, although it is also okay for them to make mistakes. Because through their own mistakes, they will learn. However, we have to make sure that our advice's and supports for them will remain stronger.

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