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Jul 31, 2012

Chautauqua County Fair

We finally make it to Chautauqua County Fair this year. I told my partner to at least go somewhere for fun with our son before Winter hits the season. After Summer, things will be more gloomy again and we can't enjoy the Sunny day because it will be full of cold weathers. 

It was a 45 minutes ride from where we live, it was a little longer and we did enjoy the fresh breeze touching our skins. Sweats that drifts from our forehead, hot day but it is worth going out than being just in the house. 

Didn't stayed longer, for the rest of the animals were no longer in their barns. We figure out since it was the last day, they probably start cleaning their spaces. We just walked and check out the place which is disappointing. We probably not going on this same fair again. 

Even though, we didn't expect to get disappointed of the fair, at least we see that Chaos had a nice time watching this animals. Something that is uncommon here.

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Summer trip , nice to see your little angel enjoying the county fair. Such a lovable child.

Yen thank you, yup he loves the outdoor that's why i force hubby to take us somewhere farther from home that day

Thanks for visiting my page. You have an interesting entry here. Nice photos. I too enjoy getting out with hubby to escape the routine of the house.

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