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Jun 29, 2012

Yaz will take action

Being a grown up woman, we have responsibilities in our lives. We have to make sure that we take good care of our body and health. Getting a good job is one main part of that responsibilities. However, sometimes things happened way too fast and we aren't perfect that we don't get accidents and mistakes in life. That's where those learning and responsibilities grows even more. 

Baring a child without a support of the other half who is responsible of the conception is very hard. And I don't agree of the abortion just because you can't handle a responsibility where you should have started when you, decided to do the intercourse. 

Gladly to say that birth control is now common, and given to women as well as educating them about how they should be careful with intercourse. 

But then again, nothing is perfect if you have chosen to take Yaz or Yasmin birth control that is mostly known in the US and got still pregnant after the failure of the birth control. I have a website where you can actually look into it, and learn about yaz class action suit. There are even a class action lawsuits against yaz if you really want to learn the full detail. 

Sometimes, we just don't need to blame unnecessary things happened to us. Sometimes, we also think things twice before we dive to be in it. 

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