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Jun 3, 2012

Why is he Laying

This was taken during early Spring, when we are about to go somewhere. You might be asking why is he on the floor? Was he been crying? Was he being a naughty boy? 

Both answers are NO. Neither crying or he being a naughty that's why he is on our cold floor. He decided to lay down while waiting for our ride. 

As I can remember, we were waiting for our friends to pick us up and go somewhere. However, because it took them awhile to get to the house and probably he got tired of waiting, he decided to lay on the floor while the wait continues. 

I took this picture through my mobile phone and sent it to my husband. He thought that he had fallen asleep while waiting. But he isn't, although it was about his nap time, might also be one of the reason why he lays down. 

Kids are hilarious, they make your problems go away. Sometimes too they can make you frustrated over things that are just way outrageous. In short, parenting is a BIG Challenge, a challenge that has no ending.

3 freaking comments:

Your angel is so cute and a quick thinker, imagine he was able to establish himself on the floor to relax rather than be bored. hahaha.cutey cutey.

thank you Yen: they do, kids are way smarter than we could's amazing how they brain process it immediately...

aww so adorable.. this makes me smile and teary at the same time because it reminds me of my 3 kids... they are all away now and i wish we could bring back those days where they could just lay on the floor and be cute as they are haha.

enjoy your little angel... bask in the joy of motherhood...

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