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Jun 6, 2012

Where to look for coupons

I am not aware of coupons before. I don't remember if it is existing in Philippines where I grew up. Discounts and sales are common however, having your extra coupons into a particular deal or products makes the item even more cheaper. I am not rich, so I would like to look for something that is on clearance or sale in order for me to buy that item. 

It is different when it comes to food. I don't look for sale or clearance because those aren't existing on those products. I am talking more about stuff like electronics, vacations, items that are not edible. Gladly to say, I have a geek friend who loves to online window shopping. She tells me where to look for good deals and where to get those Expedia coupon codes just in case me and my family decided to visit other places. 

She is also very familiar with for she is one of the subscribers. And email newsletter is sent to her e-mail every time they have good deals on this website. If you are looking for electronic items, you should visit the website. I am happy she's more updated on science and technology news 2012, she loves to read, and would rather read than playing games. 

Anyways, I am thankful as well that I have learned about coupons. It save us more money to some of the products and learning on how to buy things without paying the full price. If you don't know, you should try and learn about this, for it is very helpful and it will save you a lot.

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