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Jun 15, 2012

More Please

I love hearing this from my son, whose now 28 months old. He seldom said the words to me, and this is during meal time. I am giving him food on his plate that I 'assume' he will ate them all. Sometimes, he spoon fed himself, but there are times that he doesn't like doing, so as a mother I have to spoon feed the rest of his food on his plate. 

They often told me that kids will just eat how much they want. Nevertheless, I am sometimes against that. Kids sometimes prefer not to eat and would rather drink, milk, juice. There are nutrients in it, however it doesn't give them too much for the daily nutrients their body has to have everyday.

I make sure that the food I make every day is different on his tasting. He does get tired for the same meal every day. Who doesn't? As a mother, I look for recipes and read cooking books so I have a meal planned for the whole week. I am too excited at the same time, because I do love cooking specially when it is new and something that I have to follow. I got to challenge myself on reading and following directions correctly. I do admit, I sometimes won't read and misread half of the ingredients and instructions if I got tired. I guess it is just normal feeling.

Anyways, this time my son kept saying more please to the foods that I rarely make. I love it, 'cause he eats more and more every day. We mothers, do get frustrated or concerned if we don't see our kids eat more than we think they should.

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that's great to know Nova that your son is having such a good appetite right now, must like what you prepared for him.

Yep, best words ever! It always makes me smile knowing that my son gets the nutrients he needed.

aww enjoy your baby... i miss having my kids as young as yours. enjoy motherhood... and please give yourself a pat on the back.. you are doing great as a mom!
happy weekend and thanks for coming over my site!

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