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Jun 8, 2012

Missing the tiny bundle

Kids to grew up so fast. I could remember when he was just so little and couldn't do anything for himself but eat, sleep and poop. 

Today, I have noticed a huge difference from our little bundle of joy to a  very independent kid. He started to learn so many things with our guidance.

He is so curious in doing things and learning more. He can operate electronics so easily without messing the whole operating system by himself. I have a genius kid. I must say, I am super proud of him. This is another application that I didn't thought him to manipulate because this device is not intended for him. I gave him my Ipod Touch, so he could play with all the games and educational applications he wants on that device. I shared my stuff, because I want him to eat his lunch and he pretty did eat without me struggling and making more tricks. 

The sweetest kid I've ever met and he will pleases you as much as he can. 

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