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Jun 11, 2012

Just for the sake...

Of update, I have to do this. I don't have anything especial to share yet for what's going on with my amazing son. Although, there were pictures that I would love to share, I was thinking to lessen the exposure of my son online. I might be sharing stories in regards with him, but pictures will be kept safe in the vault.

I will do my best to describe and be more specific in some details in order for you guys to understand exactly what is going on, and what I was trying to share.

As for now, it is the same routinely days for both of us. I was started to be more lazy because of taking vitamins again. I don't know, makes me sleepy and tired. Maybe I need to take some Vit. E this time. We shall see.

3 freaking comments:

sorry about the tiredness Nova, sometimes, i feel sleepy oftentimes too for no reason, ah, now, need to sleep again :)

its okay ate novs, I will still keep myself updated of you whenever I find time to do so. :)

betchai: i was thinking because we are getting older we need more naps lol...

yen:thanks for the time...

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