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Jun 18, 2012

Hanging out with Daddy

Since today is the celebration of Father's Day. We all hang out together, as normal family do. After we attended the church that was a last minute decision from my partner, we headed directly to Pizza Hut. Not because we are going to dine-in for our lunch. But to get our carry out order. While we are on our way there, our amazing son, kept saying "pizza" on his own words. As if he knew where we are going. 

Starving because he didn't ate a full breakfast, he never cared enough of how hot the bread stick was that he just took a big bite. It was a lazy Sunday for me, for no reason. I just feel blah, when we got to the house we are furnishing, I decided to take our son in the rooms so we could take a nap after the quick lunch.

I know this day isn't fancy for us three. But at least, we are both together on this Father's Day celebration.

2 freaking comments:

i do feel blah and lazy sometimes too :)

i guess that is just normal for every human being...we sometimes feel not working and bored

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