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May 30, 2012

Stressed out

I get stressed out when my son gets sick. I am sure most mother would feel the same way. We get more paranoid because our kids don't eat as much as they can. When all we want for them is to eat in order to have food in their stomach. Although, they said that one good sign of having a fever is that the immune system of a person fights the bacteria that is inside the system. And as long as, the kid or person is not listless, then they are fine. 

However, for me I grow weary about what is going on. So, instead of giving my son medicine. I search online first. I went to WEBMD.COM, where most information you need was there and all the answers to your question is basically posted there too. Withal, calling your pediatrician is the easiest way to do. 

Anyway, I read that giving medicine like the acetaminophen, or Tylenol to a person who has a fever doesn't help to get the fever down. And according to this Pediatrician, it will never help your kid's fever too because it is something that  the immune system's duty to fight for the bacteria inside. We can't do anything about it but make sure that our kid's are safe and not listless. Sometimes, just to make the parents feel better they gave the medicine to their kids. 

If you want to double check here is the link where I got the information;

I better go now, hopefully that my son's fever will be gone by this day.

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i kind of agree, a friend of mine told me last time his doctor dad sometimes just prescribe medicine to the patient because the patient gets high blood pressure if he won't get medicine :)

bechait: this medicine do help us in some ways, but knowing the fact that it is your immune system who is fighting inside you couldn't do anything but observe the behavior of your kid

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