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May 9, 2012

Planning for a Playset soon

Getting a play-set was not on our to do list before. And because we just got married, we would rather do something extra ordinary for both of us. Like going to a live concert, watch movie in a theater or at drive-through, or simply going to a different state for vacations. A typical things that every newly wed does for their honeymoon stage.

However, things has to change in a quick snap, no matter how and what we planned. All the priorities we had before in our to do list were moved down and has to put up a new one. This time, it is needs that rises up on the top. We have to make sure that we wrote down the important ones, especially now that we have our bundle of joy. And since they are growing fast like a weed, we have to make sure that we have given all the needs they have. Plus, we have to make sure that they have their own and not be able to go somewhere just to play.

Now, our fruit of love is two years old. He climbs, run, jump and even play at this stage. One thing I told my hubby is to get him a nice playset something, that is similar from the one I've seen online. Playsets in Greensboro is what I have in mind. 

To tell you, I was the one who got more excited over the playset that we plan to get for our children. That way, they could play as much as they can.

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