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May 20, 2012

Hot Wheel

After a very long time, we finally brought the hot wheel his Lola gave him last Christmas. This is one of the negative things if you have four seasons. You have to hibernate inside the house for a very long time, and then, comes Spring. Unfortunately, it don't guaranteed you to have a full season without rainy days and thunderstorms. Summer sometimes is way too hot to enjoy outside. I truly miss our weather in Philippines, although there are only two seasons, at least you do enjoy the whole year of not being hibernating inside the house.

Anyway, Chaos do love his hot wheel, as you have noticed he looked very much happy on the wheels.

2 freaking comments:

when we were in the Philippines, we were dreaming about snow, how it is like especially we saw in movies, in post card, etc. but after experiencing it, we know it's so much fun in the Philippines :)

Betchai: that's exactly true, we realized that when snows piles in and stayed for isn't nice people are funny sometimes...

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