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May 7, 2012

Helpful Child

I am thankful for every day that my kid, for the knowledge that he absorbs and for the values that he learned. One thing of being a mother isn't as simple as an Aunt. Although, being a good aunt, you still tried hard to teach your niece or nephews what is right from wrong and how to be a good kid at the same time.

As a parents, it times 2 or more of the responsibilities. We don't want our kids to rely us all the time, for they need to stand on their own too, when time comes they have to be on their own. And where will all this starts? AT home, with their parents and those people who takes care of them. I am grateful for those people, whom I considered a family who helped us on how to be calm when we are frustrated.

Today, I have captured another pictures that I can share with you on how helpful and thankful I am with my kid. If you have noticed that their's some paint on his head and clothes, it's because he wanted to helped me while I was painting his bedroom.

Took him outside and decided to picked up some sticks on the ground to get away from the strong paint odor inside the house....

Was taking pictures of him while, the paint was still fresh from his hair and clothes...

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