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May 3, 2012

He is sharing

It must be thirsty he thought, that's why he shared his water to his toy. What an awesome kid, I have to be very quick on taking pictures before it is over. Or before he says me taking some pictures or he will stop. 

This is the second time he shared his food to some toys he got. The first one was his stuff toy giraffe. 

It was cute but I am happy to see that my son can feel sympathy to all of his toys.

11 freaking comments: adorable. It's good that he knows the value of sharing already.

one of the important values a child has to learn is all about giving and sharing, charity begins at home :)

Wait till he makes video of his conversation with his toys hehehe.

heheh, so cute!!!! glad you were able to capture this oh so priceless moment.

Cute! Kids his age are normally very inquisitive.

Oh! I miss those good old days with my daughter when she was little like her. Kids are always curious and you'll be surprise what they can do.

Hahaha! Mommy, same here! My little T, only 17 months old, but has been pouring her milk to her miniature teacup and mimics what we do to her-- let her doll drink the milk. Waaaaaaa! Kids are indeed fun! :D

Awww! You are too sweet handsome C :-) i bet your toy is very happy :-) Sharing is a very nice way to play with your toys :-) Tita Jess loves you handsome C xoxo

Sharing is one vortue a kid should learn. Good thing you took picture of it.

Is he your only offspring yet? :) It's so entertaining to see kids doing random things we'd never think of. :) I hope he does the same with his friends. Just remember that if he doesn't share, it's not that he's selfish, he just doesn't know it yet. My daughter I think is of the same age and most often times, she's got this mine-attitude. I always tell her to share but I am not afraid because I read it's a "stage".

He learned it at a young age. That is a good sign ^_^

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